July Updates

By Love’s Hand has been out for three weeks, and it now has 40,000 views on Spotify and 10,000 views on YouTube!

Check out the song here:

In other YouTube news, we’re teetering on the brink of 300 subscribers! Once we hit certain milestones on YouTube, we will be able to monetize our videos, meaning YouTube will give us some of the money from the ads they place there. This money will help fund us so we can support community organizations.

Would you like to help us out? Every single subscriber matters!

(Edit 7/2: Since this was posted last night, we gained 28 new subscribers! We appreciate every one of you!)

Plans for our first Community Action Conference and Concert in the Poconos this fall are moving along nicely. Currently, well over half of the available tickets have been accounted for. If you’re interested in attending this event, check out more info here!

Also, we have two new songs dropping soon: Strength and Protection, which releases July 24, as well as the polished up version of Let’s Play a Song, which will come out two weeks afterward. Stay posted for updates!

Finally, a shoutout to our hard working volunteers who coordinate with playlist curators, share our content, participate in recording sessions, do behind-the-scenes post production, and pour their time, effort, and funds into making this organization a success. We appreciate everything!

Will Sanders and Madeline Rivera pose for a picture
Will Sanders and Madeline Rivera recorded the song Strength and Protection

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