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We can’t sit back and hope that the people we see on the news will solve our problems. It starts with us.

Me. You. It is our duty.

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Many people are angry and hurt, and often rightly so. But making that divide bigger and harsher is never going to help.

If there’s any hope of unity—and there is—we must charge toward it with determination. As long as we can still show love, help others, and be respectful of the people around us, unity will never be out of reach.

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Check out the #ByLovesHand photo contest! Cash prizes for three winners.…

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If we want to see positive change in our country, we need to focus on building up a system—one of love, activism, and peace—that will make no one want to use the old way of doing things.

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Peace doesn’t happen because we shame the other “side” into submission. It happens because we slowly erode the barriers that divide people.

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The By Love’s Hand photo contest is currently open for submissions!

This contest involves submitting between 12 and 15 photos based on the lyrics of a song.

Top three winners get cash prizes, and their photos will be used in a slideshow music video (with credit).

Open to Americans of all ages.

We hope to see your entry!

See the link in our bio for more information.

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If, as Rev. Billy Graham said, “The human heart is the same the world over,” then why do we let our differences divide us?

It’s not a them vs. us issue. It’s a problem that hurts everyone.

Hurting each other can never bring healing.

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Our leaders can make big changes, yes.

But think about how much bigger changes we the people can make if first one person, then another, then another, decides to care. To love. To take a stand.

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