What does #ByLovesHand mean?

If you’ve been following us for a while, you may have noticed that our social media posts are tagged #ByLovesHand. Let’s talk about what that means.

Our organization is based off two main points: the first being that if we want unity in our country, we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We highlight community organizations that are already doing great work, such as peacefully working against racism, helping people out of addiction, and providing much-needed resources to people facing poverty.

Later this year, on October 16, 2021, we’ll be hosting a Community Action Conference and Concert in Tannersville, PA, where people can meet those community organizations in the PA/NJ area and learn how they can get involved.

That’s the conference part. The concert part refers to We ’73’s other main point: music.

We believe that music has a way of uniting people, of opening their minds to consider new perspectives, to reinforce their beliefs, and to help people who might not agree on everything find their common ground. We acknowledge that not everyone sees the same solutions to the problems facing our country, but we also believe that if we can unite through our common areas, we can still work together. Music is our vehicle to allow us to get to that point.

At the Community Action Conference and Concert, we hope to work with local musicians, and members of the organization will also be performing. We’ll also be releasing songs in the upcoming months leading up to the performance.

“This is all nice,” you might be thinking, “but that still doesn’t explain what #ByLovesHand means.”

By Love’s Hand

By Love’s Hand is a song that will be released soon. It’s about the hardships our country faces—like child abuse, racism, and violence. It’s about the solution to those issues—turning to our faith and taking action. This song encompasses the vision of our organization, to show love through our actions.

If you’re making a social media post about taking peaceful action against the problems America faces, feel free to use #ByLovesHand to join the conversation!


A preview of this song will soon be released, set to a video showing our members recording it and the issues we’re facing. For the rest of the song, we want to reach out to others to help us fill that video. We’re planning to host a photo contest where we share the rest of the words with the contestants. They’ll take a set of photos that they believe applies to the song, which will allow their perspectives on these issues to show through.

The winners will get prizes, and we will feature their photos in the video when the whole song is released.

Details coming soon!

One thought on “What does #ByLovesHand mean?

  1. Rachel you have explained our mission better than I ever could have.

    It is all about action. So often on social media we sit at home and type out lofty ideas and then pontificate about how if only people would do “this” or “that” everything would just all work out. But the truth is that ideas are only half the answer. The other half of the answer is action.

    We as a country can no longer accept the “luxury of sitting on our laurels” and just hopes it’s all going to work out. Our society needs everyone to get up, extend their hand to someone they disagree with, and take action to to work with them “By Love’s Hand”.

    To those reading this – Let that Hand be yours and let the time to extend that Hand be now!

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