Merch store!

Now announcing our brand new merch store!

We have designs based on our songs and the message we share. We have T-shirts, notebooks, jewelry, novelty items, and more! And what’s more, you can customize the products to your heart’s content.

The best thing of all is that the proceeds from this go to support our work in supporting nonprofits! These sales allow us to host events where they can share their messages and inform people how they can help.

Soon, we’ll be at a point where we’ll give direct monetary support to these nonprofits. Buying our products (as well as streaming/purchasing our music) is a big help.

Check out these designs! Note that these are affiliate links, which means we get an extra commission if you follow them and purchase a product.

To see everything, head on over to our Zazzle store:

We ’73 The American Unity Project

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